“Old Glory” 3-string Acoustic-Electric Cigar Box Guitar – Fun to Play, Made in the USA!



Price: $199.99
(as of Jan 31,2023 21:00:34 UTC – Details)

This beautiful piece is one of our line of “illustrated” guitars, designed to capture the essence of fundamental, no-frills stringed instrument crafting. To the sturdy, no-frills frame (tone-rich wooden box, hardwood neck & fretboard, solid tried-and-true hardware), we add a beautiful, full-color piece of artwork, uniquely vivifying the instrument and drawing the eye of all who see it.

The box (body) of the guitar is printed using our “Vivigraphic” Method: a full-color, photo-resolution printing process using highly durable UV-cured inks, allowing for a precise reproduction of your image (with wood grain showing through any white areas). The image is printed directly onto the box’s top (and optionally bottom) panel using very durable, UV-cured inks.
br>This handcrafted guitar has a full, rich acoustic tone (and a built-in contact pickup, if you want to amplify it), a nice high ringing treble voice, and is simply a joy to play.

Best of all is the affordable price on this hand-crafted-in-the-USA piece of musical art. The soundboard artwork is printed in full color directly to the top of the box.

These are wooden craft boxes that have never held cigars and have no connection to the tobacco industry.

Guitar Specs: Illustration/Design: “Old Glory” (depiction of American Flag, as painted on rough-sawn boards)

Number of Strings: 3; Tuning: Open G “GDG” (high treble folk/country variety)

Scale Length: 23 inches (Tenor guitar)

Fretting Style: Chromatic

Pickup Style: Contact (piezo) direct-wired to Jack

Neck and Fretboard: Hardwood (Poplar)
Sturdy Hardwood Construction
Made by Hand in the USA
Easy-to-Play and Great-sounding Tone
Built-in Pickup for Plugging into an Amplifier


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